We believe in second chances

Every year, Feeling Fine Canine Rescue and our supporters are responsible for the rescuing, rehabbing, and rehoming of hundreds of medically needy death row dogs. 

Our rescue was started because fate intervened…

Feeling Fine Canine Rescue was founded by Tracey Godin and her daughter Micaela Godin after a chance encounter that would forever change their lives. On September 27th of 2011, on the eve of Tracey Godin’s 40th birthday, an emaciated and demodectic Pitbull puppy wandered into the front yard of our home. As we were walking out to attend Tracey’s birthday dinner, We found the sick dog in our yard waiting for us. The plans for that night were immediately changed and the pup was named Miles.

Miles shaped the values and missions of our organization in many ways. He was and still is our inspiration behind our dedication to saving medically needy death row dogs and nursing them back to health. Miles was loyal, loving, and full of hope. He taught us more about compassion, love, and the bond between rescue and rescuer in our few short months with him than either of us could have been taught over a life time without his presence.

Miles was rescued, rehabbed, and unfortunately passed away during his neuter the day before he was going to be adopted. We miss him everyday and dedicate our work to him. We know he is with us, watching us, and guiding us on our rescue journey. We recognize him in the eyes of our rescues, and feel his presence forever in our hearts.

We are eternally thankful to Miles for not only changing our lives, but for changing the lives of hundreds of medically needy death row dogs just like him that would otherwise have not gotten a second chance. Miles is the heart, soul, and reason behind Feeling Fine Canine Rescue and without him, our organization would cease to exist.

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