January 27, 2019January 27, 2019

Help Romeo Walk Again

Help Romeo Walk Again


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Romeo needs our help. This morning when his family woke up, Romeo couldn’t walk. They immediately took him to an ER vet. I saw the video of him dragging his hind end and it broke my heart. He needs spinal surgery and it NEEDS to be done tomorrow. He no longer can use the bathroom without the use of his legs..
The estimated costs for his Surgery, MRI, and initial vet visit.
First vet.. $900.00

Please help us help Romeo and his family. We are his only hope.

Update as of  1/24/19 –

Romeo is out of surgery. The Dr. said everything went as well as can be expected.
He’s awake from surgery and doing well!
The Dr. had to go in to T13 all the way to L1,2,3,4, but he was able to locate everything and clear it all out. He even made small cuts in other discs to help prevent this injury again.
He’s not out of the woods yet. A few more days hospitalization and then 3/4 weeks of cage rest, lots of love, and time to heal is prescribed.
Please keep sharing and asking your family and friends to donate.
We haven’t raised his entire surgical expenses yet and we can really use your help. 

Update as of 1/26/19 –

The Drs say he is where he should be in recovery at this time. However he is scared to try to walk and trust his legs. He needs to rebuild his confidence. Right now we are taking it day by day and allowing him the time to heal from an incredibly major back surgery.
Your prayers, support and donations are still greatly appreciated and needed.
With prayers answered, Romeo will start to stand and walk this weekend and be allowed to go home. Please don’t stop praying for positive results from Romeo’s Life Saving Surgery.